About HIIT30KV

Find a Gym, Gain a COMMUNITY!

We specialize in small group fitness for the those who are ready drop the endless cardio spending hours in the gym. Say goodbye  to to that stubborn waistband and hello to your abs. Muscle is our longevity organ and we can show you how to do that in 30 minutes.

We are SO much more than a gym. WE ARE A COMMUNITY! We pride ourselves in being the supportive force that will get you up and moving and chasing the feeling of what being physically active can do in your life.

In as little as one week you will feel the difference. Science backs it! No more hesitation, just take action!!



"I want to teach men and women that physical strength turns into mental strength and strength of character. I want everyone to know that this can be done with minimal time, and most importantly, I want them to learn to have grace and compassion about it.  Fitness is a lifestyle and not a program!"
Cheryl Moore


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Visit us at:

80 Millennium Dr
Quispamsis, NB E2E 5B4

Our new facility is more spacious so that we can continue to grow.  Join us!

Are you going through Perimenopause or Menopause?

Maybe it’s been a while since you last did any kind of exercise and you’re looking for some guidance and motivation. Or maybe this is your first time doing any sort of class. This one is for YOU!!

The goal of our classes  is to get you active again and to introduce you to a HIIT style,  LOW IMPACT training class setting. Even if you’ve never worked out before this class will help you with the fundamentals of movement in a fun and challenging way.

From the comfort of your home let's get you chasing down the feeling of fitness! No experience needed, body weight, light weight, you work at your pace




Cheryl Moore is the head coach and owner of HIIT30KV Fitness Inc...