Beyond The Plate

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Imagine your life without the symptoms you are feeling right now. 

Digestive upset, bloating, brain fog, the joint pain, everything that is happening in your body right now, all gone. Sounds amazing, right?

In our program we will take you through 4 weeks of learning how to eat for YOUR body and your lifestyle.

You will learn to prep and cook like a chef with our weekly cooking class. You will be inspired and motivated with our on demand workouts and you will be held accountable with our weekly zoom calls to keep you moving forward and on track.


What will your sessions look like?

A brief overview of just a few of the session topics in this program:


Week 1 

-Detox body, mind and kitchen

-Determine your Health and Wellness Goals

We will talk about where you are at, where you want to be, and what you want your health and wellbeing to look like to get started on this journey.

Week 2 

-Fundamentals of Eating to heal

-The Knowing/Doing Gap - discussing the disconnect between knowledge and action.

Week 3

-Fuelling your body with whole foods

-Build your self image and how to strengthen your self confidence.

Your self-image affects who you are, what you do and the life that you create for yourself. Is your self-image helping you or hurting you? You can use your own mind power to change your self-image and change your life..

Week 4

-How to incorporate more plant based meals

-Beliefs : Question your beliefs. The thoughts that we hold true only because we think them more than other thoughts


and many more topics throughout your sessions based on your personal needs..

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free recipes
  • How to treat digestive upset, gas bloating, incontinence
  • You will explore your beliefs and work towards a healthier self image for your future
  • Why adopting a gluten free lifestyle is so important to your overall physical and mental health 
  • You will be provided with a customized meal plan to follow with any dietary restrictions needed
  • Weekly cooking class
  • And you will have access to at home workouts to get you feeling physically strong