Right now, we are amidst a time where we know our health and the health of our family is our highest priority.

We've gone through 3 months of lock down and can all agree we maybe didn’t always choose to build our health along that journey.

Here's the thing:  we are either building our health or building disease with the food we eat, the thoughts we think and the way in which we move or don’t move our body.

Build your health...

.. and learn the foundation to a healing immune boosting diet with our HIIT30 Fitness community

Together over these next few weeks let me show you how you can 

  1. Healing your gut
  2. Connect to your food
  3. Move your body daily
  4. Enjoy nutritious and delicious foods


Become a member and join us for 7AM live workouts on our community page, and EXCLUSIVE additional workouts on our website virtual portal.

What are your benefits with a HIIT30 membership?

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We will meet together on our community Facebook page live every day at 7 AM Monday through Saturday for a live HIIT or boxing workout.


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You get exclusive additional workouts on our HIIT30 virtual website portal - these workouts have all the bells and whistles, and added in modifications to fit your workouts.


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All of the symptoms you have, I have a food healing solution.

Brain fog ruining your afternoons?

Joint pain taking over your mornings?

Digestive issues keeping you from knowing what to eat next?