Change is hard

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In December 2019 I sold my home and my gym location within a matter of weeks apart from each other. The move was emotional.  It was right before Christmas and we were leaving a place that held 10 years of memories in its walls. A lot of firsts were in that home. We decided to put our house up for sale to finally create our forever home for the future. 

I knew moving into what I call the “Susan” home would have it’s challenges. First it is not what I truly want but a stepping stone to live in while we create the home of our dreams. Second, I took my kids out of a neighbour they had routine in. They could walk to school from, go down the street to play with friends they have been growing up with.

Change is hard.

Now fast forward to May and we are all in a huge change in our lives. Businesses have had to close their doors, and create new ways to service their customers. Folks have lost their job, or been temporarily laid off and now have to figure out how to lead their families. Things that seemed so certain are just up in the air.

How do we fight against wanting what we had before but accepting that things just aren’t going back to normal?

First we need to grieve the loss. Like any loss, the change of not experiencing life as you knew it causes discomfort and uncertainty. We need to acknowledge that it makes us sad, or angry, or anxious and let ourselves grieve it. The faster you can go through this process the sooner you can find the joy in the life you have right now.

How many of you feel more connected to your family because of COVID? How many of you have had more time to cook, or paint or read? How many of you have finally had time to do the things you have always wanted and are just so enjoying it? This is where the focus needs to be.

Start today practicing gratitude for the life and thing opportunities that you have been afforded in this season. I say practice because we are a society that finds it very easy to focus on the negative more than the positive. Unfortunately, we are programmed to reach for things that make us feel not so awesome. Once you start to practice being grateful for what is in front of you right now, you will begin to see the blessings all around you.

Take the “Susan” home. At first I resisted it. At first I focused on all the things that drove me crazy, like basement laundry. Now I choose to look at it with a different lens. My Mom is living with me and is staying downstairs so now every time I do laundry I get to spend time with her. I am very grateful for this.

Once you get it down and make it your new habit, living life from a place of gratitude, the blessings show up in ways you would never dream for yourself. You feel and see the abundance that is all around you and has always been there.

I am rooting for you today!

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