Changing your mindset and getting out of your own way

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Ok we've talked about how if you are tipping close to or are into burnout things that may be affected are digestion and sleep and definitely hormones. We have set you up with some actionable steps by way of food to help support your body so that you begin the healing process within.


However I can see someone sitting there saying to the screen, "Cheryl I know I should exercise, I know I should eat more greens , turn off the tv sooner but I just "can't '' get out of my own way"


It takes so much energy to make a change like this and that is where the frustration comes from. It's easy to talk about all the stresses and know where they are coming from but the action requires so much more of you. Energy and the energy you don't currently have.



Like the magnesium and melatonin supplements you might take to get you started into some good sleep habits. (* Again supplements are meant for support not forever, and also always consult with your health professionals before starting) Be open to the possibility first that you can change. If you are saying you can't I promise you that you won't. Begin to think and even dream about what this might look like and feel like. I like to break open my journal, grab a cup of tea and just let my pen do the talking. It is so good for you and it may even surprise you as to what comes up for you.

Now there are some supplements that again can support you along this journey. I caution you again to chat with your doctor first before taking anything.

 B vitamins, Vitamin C and magnesium are great to help boost your energy and get you back on your feet again. These can be found in so many amazing foods like nutritional yeast and red peppers to leafy greens.


The mindset, your mindset, the way you feel stuck has to do with what you believe about yourself and your situation. I have the strategy to help you uncover what it is and work with you to get yourself believing what you truly want to believe.


Join me November 2 to dive in deeper to your unique nutrition blueprint and to uncover your subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back.




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