Cheryl Moore


Cheryl Moore

Cheryl Moore is the head coach and owner of HIIT30KV Fitness Inc.

Cheryl is no stranger to the fitness industry and has spent the last 6 years as a health and fitness coach. Cheryl holds many certifications and the ones she is most proud of are Level 1 Boxing Coach, Precision Nutrition, Fitness Instructor Coach, and Children Fitness Coach.

Before starting in the fitness industry Cheryl worked at the Telegraph Journal for several years. In 2009 She left the TJ to stay home with her 2 daughters Lauren and Lexi . It was December 2009 when her world was rocked when her eldest daughter Lauren underwent open-heart surgery. This is where her passion for health and fitness began.

Cheryl brings this passion and drive to her clients sees their unlimited potential. She works with each member to establish their goals and set a plan to achieve them.