Crystal Dean

Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and Children’s fitness Coach, Crystal has also completed other courses including, Fitness Kickboxing, and Strength in Motion to expand her knowledge within the Fitness Industry.
Crystal’s love for fitness started 10 years ago with a women’s boxing program at KV Golden gloves.
Terrified to walk into a gym for the first time and not knowing anyone or anything, she very soon found herself in love with, and completely hooked on the feeling she had every time she walked through doors. It was as if nothing else mattered on the floor, only her slowly becoming a better version of herself. That’s when she realized that fitness does not only just provide us with physical strength, it also provides mental strength, and when you power those two together, you feel unstoppable! 
She then decided that she wanted to share that same feeling with others, and motivate them to step outside that steady comfort zone that so many seem stuck in. She joined HIIT30 KV as a coach. A small gym that had just been starting out. Each month it slowly began to grow bigger and bigger becoming not only a gym, but a community with so many amazing people wanting that very same feeling. 
After 3 years of growth, she is still one of many great coaches at HIIT30 KV who thrive in working to help others reach their fitness goals, and to gain the confidence and strength that we all need to live within ourselves as well as the day to day hustle of life.