Eat Carbs, Burn Fat!

Yep, you heard it. CARBS. This is something unlike anything we've done before and we are so excited to offer it to YOU. Are you ready to make the change?
SO... What do you GET? What IS it? well.. you get everything you need and more to succeed.
☑️ RECIPES & MEAL GUIDE - following the "Carb Cycling" method
☑️ WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS with Cheryl Moore
☑️ 4 INFORMATIVE VIDEOS with Cheryl Moore: Food, alcohol, balancing life and how you can still eat and do all the things you love with this program.
☑️ LEARN how to create your own carb cycling macros based on my unique formula.
☑️A BOOKLET - that you get to keep FOREVER with knowledge that will last a lifetime.
The Eat Carbs, Burn Fat program is a 30 day program.
Interested? You can sign up using the following link:
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