Your Next Steps

Welcome to Eat Carbs, Burn Fat!

I am so excited to have you with me over these next few weeks! We are going to create a customized plan for you over these next few weeks based on your likes and dislikes all the while following the guidelines we will set out for you.


Note the official program begins September 7th, 2020 


For right now I want you to set yourself up for success. We need to establish your TDEE score and then figure out your macros.
Your TDEE score is basically what you need daily for carbs, protein, and fat daily depending on your activity levels. Don't worry - once the program starts you will learn what all of these terms mean.
Please follow this link and find your score then send to me your numbers weight and total number of calories, and I will break down what you need to be working with once we begin. You can send this information to
Calculating your macro numbers can get a little tricky so I built a custom calculator that will breakdown your macros. 
Step 1 Calculate your TDEE score
Step 2 Send me your results *weight and total calories and I will send you your macro profile.
Step 3 Take a before picture, you don't have tosend it to me. I want you to have this to see where you have started especially if the scale doesn't change one week, you can usually see the difference in a photo.
Step 4 Get a journal. Journally this process about how you are feeling today versus how you feel in 4 weeks will help solidify this whole process.
Date the Journal from the day you receive this email and answer the following.
How do I feel about my body?
What are my goals in 4 weeks?
When I achieve these goals how will I feel?
I know this might be a step you want to skip, but I promise if you follow through with this you WILL see and FEEL the results.
Lastly, click here to join our private FB group where we will communicate back and forth with all your questions along this journey. 
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Reach out if you have any questions.