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We focus on becoming physically and mentally stronger everyday. Our victories are not what the scales says but what we can do with our bodies, how much energy we have for our lives and the impact we can have on our families.
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➡️9 live streamed classes right from the HIIT30 gym - experience the energy from the coaches and the room🔥
➡️5 new live workouts every three weeks with a coach through our HIIT30 Community page💪
➡️Access to our On Demand Portal - a library full of workout with all the bells and whistles, with demonstrations, timed movements, and encouragement to get you through those last few reps 🖥
➡️1 virtual nutrition consultation a mont with Cheryl Moore that will help you accomplish and keep track of your goal.🥦
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Your fitness and nutritional expert: Cheryl Moore

Physical strength gave me a mental strength I never knew I had. Learning how to eat and prepare the most healing and delicious foods, has brought so much joy to my belly and my life!

We are a fitness studio geared towards a community who are chasing after feeling better. A supportive community that takes on the challenges of the workout to show ourselves that we can have the courage and strength to handle any of life’s challenges thrown our way

Iam a:

  • Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer,
  • Level 1 Boxing Coach,
  • Precision Nutrition Expert and
  • Culinary Nutrition Expert -specializing in GI and Digestive Health​,
  • Nutrition advocate, health coach, speaker and food lover.

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