“Calories in and calories out”, do that and you’ll lose weight “they” say

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Sure, if you’re young or a man that might work. But women let me be the first to say this just isn’t the case for many of us. Our bodies are beautifully designed to hormonally change as we age. This really is a good thing but it can be frustrating when you want to drop that 10-15 pounds.

In my practice I see restrictive eating, skipping meals all in hopes of losing a few pounds. This generally leaves her feeling tired, cranky and feeling defeated.

If you are not eating enough you are going to send your body into stress. That stress raises cortisol, the stress hormone which is directly related to belly fat storage. This will also affect your adrenal function which will then impact your thyroid function.



What do we do as women when we begin to see the scale creep up? We increase cardio and decrease food intake which increases stress on our bodies . What we think will happen is we will lose weight. Over the years of doing this myself and watching other women go through this, it’s just not the case.

What we can do instead is increase protein intake to 100-120 grams per day. As we age our bodies do not use carbs the same way they used to. Carbs like crackers, and wraps and breads. We need carbs that are complex and are higher in fibre instead. Quinoa, sweet potatoes, oats.


Sleeep.. oh my how sleep is so important. It is when our bodies do the detoxifying work. So good quality sleep is a must. Use an eye mask , unplug and don’t eat a few hours before bed.

If you're someone who wakes between 1-3 am everyday this is when our liver is doing its job . Talk to your doctor about how best to support what your body is designed to do. 

There are so many factors to why your body is responding the way it is now. Using the phase I’m just getting older is not good enough for me and shouldn’t be for you. Instead go on a journey, tune in to you and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

If you’d like more one on one support reach out to me and let’s go BEYOND THE PLATE.

~Cheryl xo

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