How acid reflux, gas, and bloat relate to being burnt out.

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Ok so we've talked about digestion a bit, now let's dig in and see if you can relate.

Do you have the following:

Acid reflux



Belly gurgling or popping....

Listen I have been a product of all of the above and suffered for so long. I have had scope after scope to see why my stomach was creating too much acid (or not enough). I have been told to drink lemon water in the morning and then to not. Take out dairy, remove wheat, eat more vegetables on the list goes on and on. No one ever said anything to me about burnout. Not even once.

I was tested for SIBO and IBS oh yea irritable bowl. For women this is where most practitioners go. I am not saying that this might not be the case for you, yes be tested. But I would guess that one of the things causing what you are experiencing is burnout.


You may not have enough stomach acid, or enough enzymes to digest your food. (side note: we lose enzymes as we age so sometimes we need help) HEY, ever wonder why we are eating foods in the winter that are not in season and what that might be doing to our digestion? We have been told for so long to eat more salads to lose weight, our freaking focus day in and day out has been as women to lose weight. My gosh guys no wonder we are stressed. We are underfeeding our bodies, overworking them, causing hormonal disruption to our HPA axis and wondering why we keep getting fatter and fatter more tired and worn out.

Tell me are your periods regular? Could you set your clock to them or do you find you have a slightly delayed period or no period at all. Maybe you are like I was and I had no real idea when TOM was going to show up. Super fun, right.


Well this is another indication that you are experiencing burnout. When your hormones are off due to irregular period timing or flow, this affects a hormone in the brain stimulated by progesterone, called GABA. This is your CHILL OUT hormone. AHHHHH take a deep breath in now and just chill.

When this hormone is not produced in the correct amount for what each body needs then again we are running too long in the fight or flight response. We begin to develop terrible PMS symptoms. Overehelm, lack of patience and decision fatigue are all so common for women when experiencing this. It's because we have been running on adrenaline, that fight or flight mode for freaking EVER. When you feel like all you want to do is curl up in a ball and watch some mind numbing show or drink a bottle of wine after work because you just can't deal, this is a symptom you need to listen to.

Where do we start to heal? How do you even begin?


Let's next look at sleep:

We all know sleep is so super important but the sleep I am talking about is deep restorative sleep. Ever dream all night and wake up exhausted. That is REM sleep, rapid eye movement sleep, we all go through it but we don't want to stay there. We want to get into the deepest restorative part of our sleep so that we can secrete the hormones in the body like HGH, help with cell regeneration, energy restoration, tissue and muscle repair and so much more. We can do this with the help of magnesium and melatonin. Now supplements are great to use to help get you started but I prefer to use food to keep you going long term.


Foods like:

Pumpkin and sesame seeds are high in magnesium

Almonds and Spinach, Salmon and Swiss Chard

These foods are all high in magnesium and can help you chill out and get ready for bed. Can't you just taste a delicious meal made of salmon and spinach topped with sesame seeds to help set the stage for a good night rest.


Foods like the amino acid tryptophan help with the conversion of serotonin which converts to melatonin in the brain can also help.

Start filling your supper plate with poultry (turkey, chicken)Seafood (shrimp, salmon, halibut, tuna, sardines, cod)Nuts and seeds (flax, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts)Legumes (kidney beans, lima beans, black beans split peas, chickpeas)Fruits (apples, bananas, peaches, avocado)Vegetables (spinach, broccoli, turnip greens, asparagus, onions, seaweed)


I'll be back with more for you to digest and learn. Until then keep eating every 2.5 -3 hours and now incorporate some of the foods listed above.



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