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We have been talking a lot about stress and cortisol. How to manage it, how to lower it and what foods can support it. If you missed that blog post you can check that out here:

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I am seeing a trend right now where people are succumbing to stress related health issues created from the pandemic. Of course the number one issue is the state of our mental health.

Let’s dive into what mental illness and depression actually mean for your total health and fitness, and what you can do today to improve it.

It is reported that 1 in 10 suffer with some sort of mental illness, anxiety or depression. The worst part about this illness is it can’t be seen from the outside looking in, so it is very easy to hide until it becomes all consuming. You often feel sad and alone, isolated and scared. Sharing those feelings can put such a strain on a relationship as folks don’t often know what to say.

When working with my clients I look at the following to help rule out any deficiencies that may be happening within the body that are creating or attributing to the symptoms they are experiencing.

  1. Are you toxic?

Our nervous system is made up of heavy metal and pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that live in our fatty tissue. Many of these solvents can cause neurological conditions and affect our brain chemistry.

What can you do to help detoxify? First off sweat daily. Moving your body and sweating is a great way to detoxify those heavy metals and chemicals right out by your largest organ, your skin. Sign up for your at home workouts here, You can also begin to incorporate fresh parsley and cilantro into your diet as these herbs are wonderful for detoxification.

  1. Are you eating enough protein?

See serotonin is made from protein specifically the amino acid tryptophan. Serotonin is the happy neurotransmitter that we all need to feel and be our best.

Look at ways of incorporating plant based and animal based proteins into each meal you have. Women we are shooting for 20 gram roughly the size of your palm and gentlemen you want double that.

  1. Are you having dips in your blood sugar?

Glucose is your body’s main energy source and having these dips can lead to hypoglycemia which may cause anxiety or depression. Eating every 2.5 to 3 hours will help keep levels at a normal range, thus making you feel good.

  1. Are you getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals?

Folic acid, B vitamins, Vitamin D , zinc, selenium to name a few are so important to our mental health. Eating foods high in these will only support you. Enjoy dark leafy greens, dark berries like blueberries, salmon, eggs, flaxseed and walnuts on a regular basis.

I hope these tips will help you take control of your health and possibly prevent any issue ever arising.

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