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What is HIIT30 Fitness? 

We are more than a gym.. WE ARE A COMMUNITY! We pride ourselves in being the supportive force that will get you up and moving and chasing the feeling of what being physically active can do in your life.

Here is a glimpse into our classes:

Our classes are 30 minutes of high energy interval training. Beginner or experienced, you will feel challenged and supported by our community and coaches. We are here to help get you where you want to be.

Strength Classes
Our strength days consist of weight training and interval style station days (this is where we work with the various equipment we have). If you'd like to see what we look like click here for a tour. 

Cardio Box Classes
In cardio box classes, you can choose to box with a partner, or shadow box with yourself. These classes are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays and combined with quick movements and equipment to get your heart rate up and sweating!

What does a Loyalty and Monthly Membership include? 

  • 6 days a week training
  • Access to all LIVE and ON DEMAND Workouts
  • One in person nutrition consultation
  • Bi-weekly Nutrition Accountability check in virtual
  • Access to all specialty classes: Barre, Core, Sunday Sweat 
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How to get started:

  1. Sign up for your free week by reaching out to us! on our Facebook or email Cheryl at cheryl@hiit30kv.com
  2. Come 10 minutes earlier to get signed up and fill out a form before you workout.
  3. If you have any ailments or limitations please email Coach Cheryl (Cheryl@hiit30kv.com) prior to attending class.

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