Lets talk about burn out

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Let's look at what burnout is.

Burn out is a dysfunction in communication between the hypothalamus, the pituitary and adrenal glands. These all play the most important role in keeping your body in a homeostasis state and help with your body's response to stress.
Things that happen in the environment around us or our internal environment all have to go through a process which our body has to handle. When we have continued stress environmentally or internally and our bodies have to continue with the output to keep our bodies in homeostasis state which can then over time lead to "burn out" It's a very confusing subject for sure. Let me explain a bit more.
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Once we know what the signs and symptoms are for burnout we can then take steps to change our environment externally and internally with food to help support our body. Note I am saying food here..... How many of you can say in the run of the day you forget to eat? KEEP READING.....

First symptom of burnout.... digestion begins to go off. The reason is burn out starts as a fight or flight response. This is an important response in the body however not all the time unless you are being chased by a bear.


So it is an acute or short term response stimulus. The problem comes when we can't see the difference between being chased by a bear or sitting in traffic or homeschooling our kids. These all are causing the fight or flight response to the environment.


Unlike being chased by a wild animal, where we would then go get food and shelter/safety and recover. In our modern world we are hit with situation after situation after situation without taking the time to allow our bodies to recover. Without really listening to what our bodies need. Thus we run in this response all the time.

So the first thing that happens when you are responding like you are being chased like a bear is your digestion is off. Who here gets hungry when a frothing grizzly is nipping at their heels... Noone??? lol Exactly, so when you find yourself never hungry and with no appetite this could be the first symptom to tell you something is up.

What helps with that? Bitters.. No joke First thing you do is you use your timer on your phone to help remind you oh it's been 2.5 hours go eat, then just take a sniff of vinegar. Seriously the craziest thing in the world but try it. It will increase your salvation from your salivary glands which will then cue your brain to want to eat. Brilliant eh! Try it! Prep your body first and notice how you become ready to eat and fuel your body. Gang our brains need approx 20-30% of the glucose we eat to function. If we are not eating of course we are feeling sluggish and tired and BLEH.

So, what next?
For the next few days I want you to start to pay attention to how often you are eating, I would love for you to set a timer and eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. ANNNNND if you are not hungry try the little trick above. Report back to me and let's keep this conversation going!
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