Acquiring New Members

We use testimonials, video, and graphics that stay consistent following our brand colours and language when creating content to acquire new members. In all of our advertising we keep our ad copy personable, casual, and with a focus on community.



"We are ready for you.. start fresh with our new 4 week phase coming this Monday. New workouts, new challenges, all you have to do is just START. #findagymgainacommunity

Come try your free week with us"



"You know we are starting off this new phase with Muscle Monday 😏 come join us and have fun... 💪🏻🔥

You can sign up with the Schedulicity app over on for your free week!"

"Meet The Community"

Build awareness and generate new leads by frequently highlighting our own members



"Eat Carbs, Burn Fat 30 Day Reset"

Nutrition Program

Ad Copy

"Why is this program for you?

This nutrition and mindset coaching program will give you the guidance to have a balanced lifestyle and approach to food and nutrition that is customized just for you.

It also incorporates the mindset component to make sure you are aligned with the goals you are looking to have.

This program is for anyone (non members and members)"

Ad Copy

"We are launching round 2 of our Eat Carbs,Burn Fat program! So if you missed it the first time- don't worry, we are rolling out the 30-Day reset again September 7th!👇

This is a program that will give you the FLEXIBILITY to enjoy all the foods you love and get back on track GUILT FREE🔥No more crash dieting. No more starvation.

Head on over to for more information"

Teacher Program


Ad Copy Example 1:

"Did someone say.. after school workouts?🤔Yep. Teachers this is for you!

Starting September 7th you can get in your 30 minute workouts in @ 4:15pm, 3 days a week and 1 Saturday class a month! 💪

Sign up today:"

Ad Copy Example 2:


Heads up - starting September 7th, our 30 minute after school workouts are back @ 4:15pm💪

More details on our website under our classes page👇