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Nutrition & Wellness Coaching
for Perimenopausal an Menopausal Women
For so long women have been told if you just eat this or just move this way everything will be better.
Unfortunately, our aging bodies disagree.
This nutrition and wellness coaching is designed just for you and your life style.
We will establish where you are at, look at where/ what you have been through a create a customized plan that supports you.
Everything is done with whole food and a lot. of love and patience.
We will:
1. Establishing and maintaining stable blood sugar through diet and lifestyle
2. Understand the perimenopausal/menopausal body and how to best support it.
3. Incorporating Seed Cycling to help support hormones
4. Reduce Inflammation and promote healthy weight and body composition
5. Work through together in real time "life" situations. Parties, holidays, business etc.