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Meet FOPO. He is a penguin I first met about 3 months ago durning COVID.

He is a wise penguin who has taught so much in these last few weeks. He believes we need to Forget Other Peoples Opinions and have more self love and compassion. FOPO teaches you a mindset and attitude that puts you in control of your thoughts and actions. He’s a pretty amazing dude, as you can see.


This week I needed FOPO, and bad. I bought my dream car. YUP! Not a mid life crisis, but because I chose to trade in my truck and get something I have always dreamed of. A fully awake, fully alive - choice. We had been thinking for some time about trading in our truck and getting something new again for over a year. I have always brushed it off with “my truck works awesome and is paid for I don’t need anything new”.

The first story I told myself was I am not the kind of person who “needs” a new truck. So what if I dreamed about this vehicle for years, I can buy it when I “arrive” or when I retire. Maybe I will buy itI have put in enough time in with work then I will get that vehicle.

How many of you right now have said those same words surrounding your health and fitness? I will eat better when I have more time, when I have more money? I will put back into myself when the kids are grown and I have more time.

How many of you can sit for hours watching Netflix or spend what $100+ dollars on take out every couple of weeks? Me too. I have been there. We can easily justify one thing and totally discard another. Ever wonder why that is with you?

Over COVID my husband I proudly I must say, lead our communities to the best of our abilities. We went instantly to the virtual platform not missing a beat. Brought in James Mullinger a comedian to give us a night of laughter. We attacked COVID the way it attacked the world, but we are leaving it better.

We took the time to take every online course, session and mastermind we could that would help us elevate our business and his softball organization. And let me tell you I feel so on top of the world. Don’t get me wrong my business took a hit, the finances hurt, but my mind. My mind could not be more strong, focused or driven. My mantra was not to just “Go through Covid, but to GROW through Covid”. That’s exactly what we did.

The common theme of the training we took to our surprise was all surrounding our mind set and that is where I first met Catherine Farquharson. Long before COVID I signed up for a Culinary Course that I knew would bring life to the food I love to eat and help me better educate my clients. One of our zoom calls was with Catherine. Something about what she was saying sent echoes through my soul and I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone and show up as the person I ​WANTED​ to be. She invited us after the call to join her 5 day mastermind group. I jumped at yet another free online course to continue to expand my mind. During this time she shared a story about buying a scarf. A very expensive scarf, yes. But it wasn't the price of the scarf that was holding her back. She didn't believe she was the kind of person to own a Louis Vuitton scarf. She didn't think deep down that was something she deserved let alone needed.

You and I can both look at this storey and say of course she should have bought it if she loved the scarf. Of course she deserved it.Now let’s look into your life. I bet there are things in your life you would just ​LOVE​ to have but just can’t seem to get. Things you can’t let yourself buy or justify or put time into. This is the same thing with my Mercedes and Catherine’s scarf.

I was scared of what people would think if I was going from my Toyota to such a fancy car. HELLO FOPO.......Scared of what I might think of myself quite frankly.

Thankfully I knew somewhat what was happening in my brain.I had an idea based on my training with Catherine why I was trying to hold myself back. It wasn’t the new shiny car. It was stepping on another stone of this dream I have for myself for my family and for my life. And yes that is unfamiliar and scary and all the things. And I just like you like to stay nice and comfy in the world I have created, stepping out is scary.

I have just started working one on one with Catherine, so this concept of dreaming big for myself for my family and business is new. But I must say I knew enough from my training that in order to get the life you want, the job you dream about, the body you finally feel comfortable in, YOU MUST START BEFORE YOU ARE READY.

I say it to my clients all the time. Act how you want to feel. If you want to feel like someone who is fit and strong and in control then you don’t go to McD’s for burgers then out for beers daily. You go to the gym even though it feels funny at first. You shop the outer corners of the grocery store for fresh produce, you get enough sleep. Start doing those things and in no time at all you WILL have what it is you desire. Trouble is it is scary, and I know that.

Well I am happy to report I decided to allow myself the joy of my mercedes who we call “Birchrum”. I said YES to ME!

I let the joy fill my heart. I let myself smile ear to ear and feel every bit of a dream I was making come true.

I hope when you see me driving along in my shiny car, you think ​if she can do it ..... I can do it too!

I believe in you,


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