Amanda Toner Fowlie

Back in March I attended a 40th birthday party for one of my cousins. Not putting much thought into it, I sat down at the table beside Cheryl Lynn Moore.

Well since that night I have had a lot of changes happen, all extremely positive! I've never been a big gym person. As most know I have had a fairly significant neck/shoulder issue for many years. I've always been overly cautious in my activity to keep things settled. Cheryl and I had a really great conversation that night and I very cautiously agreed to try a free week at the gym😬. She actually created my account and signed me up then and there, and now, I really can't thank her enough!

I'm now 3 months in and I honestly can't believe the changes that have happened. I'm feeling better than I have in a very long time. Not only am I feeling lighter and more fit, my neck and shoulder are feeling great. I'm slowly adding in some weight training and not having any set backs.

If you have ever thought about joining a gym, let me tell you that there is nothing that should keep you from making that jump. HITT 30KV are fantastic at what they do. Not only can they modify and alter the program to meet your needs, they provide the knowledge and guidance you need to move forward. I've never been part of a more supportive and motivational group! The coaches are all amazing and know exactly how to help you achieve your best! I'm not a big one for sharing pics of myself, but when I look at the first picture, I realize how far I've come already. We all have start somewhere. I've set some big goals for myself over the next year, but with the support and push that I'm getting, I'm positive I'll get there!

Come try your free week. You won't regret it!!

Joanna Creamer

My name is Joanna Creamer and a few months before my 40th birthday I decided to make a change in my life. I joined a gym and met my mentor and now one of my best friends Cheryl Moore. She coached me and inspired me to become the person I am today.

2 1/2 years later I’ve lost 45 pounds and countless inches and body fat but more importantly I’ve gained knowledge and confidence. I’m now a coach alongside Cheryl and our fabulous coaches at HIIT30KV Fitness hoping to inspire someone like Cheryl did for me. I am now healthy in body AND mind and truly grateful.