The Struggles When Living Through A Pandemic

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Easter 2020

I woke up this morning slightly disappointed. We have our bubble family over last night ( yes we’re following the rules, trust me I want to get back to work). We sat outside and had drinks next to the propane fireplace. I was lovely.

But here the thing.

Last Sunday I decided to really dial in on nutrition. Over the last four weeks I ate my way through covid and put on some unwanted pounds. Now it’s not just about the weight. I was feeling slow and sluggish. My anxiety was creeping back in and these sugar cravings were taking hold of my life.

I had enough. I was killing it on the movement part, working out serval times a day and seriously gave myself the old “it’s ok, you’ve earned it talk”. Nope we don’t earn crappy calories and think our body’s won’t show us. Most of us over estimate how many calories we do burn during exercise and reward ourselves for a misleading efforts.

So Monday I started tracking my food through my fitness pal. Everything I ate and drank went into the app as well as my movement. My week started at 144 lbs and ended Saturday at 137lbs. Like heck yes! Yes that was water weight and I was probably constipated a bit. But I made huge progress and felt like myself.

So last night I relaxed too much and guys I know you’re probably thinking it’s ok to have a glass of wine. I won’t put it all back on over night yes. However for me once I have a drink , I then think how about half a bag of salt and vinegar chips to go with it and some candy. Like seriously I go hard or go home.

Waking up this morning I’m up.. obviously. Bloated, dehydrated for sure but mostly disappointed. So I’m jumping back into my routine again. (Message me if you want me to be your accountability partner;)

Here are some thing you can do to join me this week and start to get yourself feeling better.

1. Track your food 🥘
2. Drink the dang 💧 water . 3-4 litres everyday
3. Move your body for 30 minutes everyday. Join me LIVE this week on zoom
4. Journal , everyday write down how you’re feeling and your daily gratitude moments

We can always start again. Don’t be discouraged. You haven’t failed yourself until you quit or give up for good.

Always in your corner,


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